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House search in Pearland

Looking to find a house in Pearland? Look no further than Shad Bogany! Shad is your most reliable real estate expert in the Houston area and our house search site in Pearland features some of the top new home listings in Pearland that you can explore. Give us a call today to know more about our real estate listings in Houston.

Why Pearland?

Pearland has become one of the fastest growing cities in the US—and there are many reasons for that. Set in sunny Texas, just south of Houston, Pearland is a very diverse and globally connected community and has something for everyone. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the nation and affords Pearland easy access to world-class entertainment, shopping centers, food chains, and airports with connections to various popular cities. Whether you work in the world’s largest Medical Center or in Downtown Houston, living in Pearland is two minutes away all week and miles away all weekends.

Pearland has a Lot to Explore

Enjoying life in Pearland is easy because you can get access to a lot of things, from fitness classes, to festivals, play dates in the park, swim meets in a world-class natatorium, elbow room, and the community. The beaches in Pearland are the land of friendly neighbors. Home to one of the nation’s best steak houses, Pearland is famous for barbecue, Mexican food, Chinese, Italian sushi, Greek, Thai burgers and so much more.

The Housing Market

Talking about the housing market in Pearland, the median home value is $2,25,000 versus $1,85,000 with the rest of the US. If you want to rent instead of buy, then you’re looking at a median rent rate of $13.50 a month versus $950 a month with the rest of the US. Majority of the residents (76%) here actually own their own home. There are a lot of houses in different neighborhoods of Pearland with many amenities that you can buy or rent. Take advantage of the homes for sale websites in Pearland to find your dream home in this rapidly growing, lively city.

Pearland has an apartment-style living. It’s really amazing that you can come out of your apartment, and you’re right in the Town Square. The cool thing about the Town Square in Pearland is it almost has a New York kind feel. A small little metropolitan because you get all the shops kind of stacked up is a very dense area with the hotels.

An HOV Lane is Being Constructed for High-Occupancy Vehicles

Though traffic can be a problem sometimes, the good thing about Pearland is that with the 288 Highway, they’re building in a HOV lane for high-occupancy vehicles that are carpooling to work. And they’re also opening up the toll bridge, so the commuters have an easy tag lane to take from Pearland or Alvin or Manville or Sharon.

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